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Food Waste Disposals DB-1000H

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Food Waste Disposals DB-1000H 

"Preparing upgrade model" 

│ Description │

Now, bear the cost what I throw out.
Full implementation for food waste volume-rare system!

Solve the waste by one button without moving after Dish-washing Fully Automatic.
Weight Reduction 85%~90% by One Touch!

│ Function │

Just Put the Food Waste from the sink it is very
Convenient for dehydrating, drying, grinding and discharging processes

│ Feature │

1. Integral Sink Type and Fully Automatic!
2. Desalination Function!
3. Smell Vaporizing Function!
4. Low Noise Design, less than 35dB!
5. The Highest Level of Safety Device!
6. Zero Maintenance costs!

│ Specification │

-Integral Sink Type for family use
-Size: W240 * H450 * D360

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Food Waste Disposals DB 1000H_2

Food Waste Disposals DB 1000H_3

Food Waste Disposals DB 1000H_4