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Food Waste Disposals DB-2000H

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Food Waste Disposals DB-2000H

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│ Description │ 

Place the Dabi freely where you want and use it.
Food waste completely resolved with one touch.
Weight Reduction 85%~90% by One Touch!

│ Function │

Drying – Grinding – Discharging

│ Feature │

1. Smell Vaporizing Function!
2. Low Noise Design, less than 35dB!
3. The Highest Level of Safety Device!
4. Zero Maintenance costs!

│ Specification │

-Free Type for family use
-Size: W240 * H353 * D360

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Food Waste Disposals DB 2000H_2

Food Waste Disposals DB 2000H_3

Food Waste Disposals DB 2000H_4