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Food Waste Disposals DB-3000B

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Food Waste Disposals DB-3000B

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│ Description │

“Declare Differentiation”
Now you can feel the difference.

Food waste disposals for business use, Dabi is an innovative food waste disposals which can remove customers’ inconveniences and grind even cow bones with one-touch automatic processing system.

Dabi is not the equipment but a home appliance.
It is the smallest in the same line of products.

Grinding speed is 600RPM and super-strong system grinds not only all Kinds of shellfish but also cow bones completely with distinctive difference Compared with other products.

Special drying system only Dabi has stirs grinded food smoothly, so drying Condition is perfect and drying time is shortened significantly.

│ Function │


│ Feature │

1. Compact and beautiful design.
2. Super-strong Grinding system.
3. Innovative drying system.

│ Specification │

Size: W1200 * H1200 * D850